Quiz @ Wausau - September 17

Posted 11 Sep, 2011 09:58 PM by Stephen

The first quiz is almost here!  Here are some important things to do/keep in mind:

  • New teams: review this information so you know what you can expect for how the day will run.
  • Sign up as a user on this site if you haven't already (you need to do this in order to register your team).
    • If you previously signed up and forgot your password, there is a link on the Login page to reset it, or let me know and I can reset it.
  • Register your team(s) here.
    • Please register by Thursday (9/15).
    • If you have too many people for one team, you can register the teams the way you want them split up, or just register all of them as one team and send me an e-mail to let me know how you want to split.  It is common for us to combine small teams/individuals as necessary.  I may find that I would like to rearrange your teams, but I will always try to confirm with you first.
  • Have parents/guardians sign the new photo release form for every quizzer.  Bring all of them with you.  We like to take pictures and put them on our Facebook group, so we hope everyone will be able to be included!
  • Register anyone who completed all memory verses for Hebrews 1-3.
  • Do you have a laptop with QuizMachine, interface box, and/or the jump seats for it?  If so, please bring them as we may not have quite enough since Todd and Cindy's equipment went with them to Kentucky.  Please register your equipment so I know it's coming.
  • The quiz is at Wausau on September 17.  You will need to park on the street.
  • Arrive by 9:30am to allow time to collect registration fees and make any last-minute changes.
  • The material being covered is Hebrews 1-3.
  • Lunch will be provided by the church for $5.
  • Because we will have several new quizzers, we will try to be flexible with some of the rules, but we'll make sure we also point things out so the teens (and coaches) can learn how they are supposed to be handled.
  • Start thinking about QuizFest.
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