Online Quiz - October 17

Posted 10 Oct, 2020 07:46 PM by Stephen

October's quiz will be online as we continue to deal with COVID-19.

  • A link to the video conference will be sent to coaches either Friday night or Saturday morning.
  • Each quizzer will need their own device that can connect to the internet in order to join the video conference and navigate to the website we'll use for "jumping." If multiple people are together in one room, all of them should have headphones with mics in order to avoid a bunch of feedback.
  • We'll start at 1:00pm this time, so feel free to start joining the conference any time between 12:30 and 1:00.
  • Material is Matthew 1-9.
  • Review General Info, particularly:
    • For your new quizzers: Photo release forms
    • Note that there will be no registration fees for the quizzes we do online.
  • Register your team(s) after you sign up/log in.
  • Register any memory verse awards:
  • Let Stephen know if you have a quizzer or adult who would be willing to share how God has been using the quizzing material in their life.
  • Since we're starting at 1:00, eat lunch before the quiz.
  • We'll try to wrap everything up by 5:00.
  • Note that QuizFest has been canceled this year.
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