Quiz @ Baraboo - October 9

Posted 04 Oct, 2010 10:11 PM by Stephen

The next quiz is this Saturday at Baraboo First, and we will cover John 1-6.  Please register by Thursday.

Please note: lunch will not be provided.  Everyone should bring their own lunch or plan on going out.  There are several restaurants within 10 minutes of the church.

For anyone interested, but particularly new quizzers, we will have a training session at the beginning of the day to focus on jumping technique.  That will begin at 9:30am regardless of whether anyone is running late.  The normal opening will then begin at 10:00am and we'll go from there into the quizzing.

After the round robin, we will finish with one or more individual rounds (number of rounds to be determined by how many we do in the round robin).  The top 8 quizzers will quiz against each other in one room, and 9-16 will quiz against each other in another room.  Everyone else is encouraged to watch and cheer for their friends.  Those in the quiz-off will start with their average from the round robin, and their score in the individual round(s) will be added to it to determine final placement.  The one caveat is that the 9-16 quizzers cannot finish higher than 9th place, even if they end up with a higher score at the end than the 8th place person.

I will also be announcing how scholarships will be awarded since the NYI council has approved the distribution.  We will have several to give out at the end of the year--scholarships for placement at District Finals and scholarships for graduating seniors.

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