Bible Study Maps

Posted 13 Sep, 2010 08:07 AM by Stephen

At the quiz on Saturday, I mentioned the Tibis' "Study Maps."  You may remember them from when they visited many churches on our district and taught some of the Articles of Faith using the Study Maps they created for those.  It is a very effective visual technique for learning and many of our quizzers may find the John materials very useful.  If any of you are interested, the main website is and the material for John is at

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Posted 13 Sep, 2010 07:59 AM by Stephen

QuizFest is just around the corner!  This is a regional tournament that takes place near Olivet and has both an Experienced division and a Novice division.  Please note that it is not at College Church this year--it is at Kankakee First.  More information and registration is available at

Please note that the deadline to register and have your payment in is Monday, September 27.

In order to register, you will need to sign up as a user on that site as well (if you didn't already do so last year).  Even though the site looks the same as ours and is hosted in the same place, users are tracked separately.

If you don't have a complete team and want to combine with another quizzer/team from the district, please coordinate that right away.  However, you will need permission from Ryan Kuehl (tournament director), so e-mail him ASAP, and include me as well so I know what groups are combining and in case Ryan needs input from me.

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Memory Verses

Posted 04 Sep, 2010 08:09 PM by Stephen

At each quiz this year, I would like to award a certificate to any quizzers who complete any section of memory verses.  By "section" I mean all the memory verses for the new chapters covered in each quiz.  So for the September quiz, anyone who completes all the memory verses for John 1-3 will receive a certificate.  For October, the new chapters are John 4-6, so there would be a certificate for that.  However, if someone didn't do the first section by the September quiz but they memorize John 1-3 by October, we would still give them a certificate for that section at that quiz.  Sections do not have to be completed in order.  So, basically, a quizzer would get a certificate at any quiz for any section they complete.

Coaches will be responsible for verifying that the quizzer has completed the memory work.  The expectation is that each quizzer who would like to be recognized will say all the memory work to his/her coach, and then the coach will let me know what sections have been completed and by whom.

In order to tell me about quizzers who have completed the memory work, we will use the registration functionality on this site.  There is an "event" on the Schedule page for each section of memory verses.  When a quizzer has completed a given section, the coach should go to that event, select "Register," and register the quizzer.  I will then review these registrations prior to each quiz and prepare the new awards.  The quizzers will also be recognized on the page for the current year statistics in the "Memory Verses" section.

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Registration Fee Options

Posted 04 Sep, 2010 07:12 PM by Stephen

For each quiz, we require a $5 registration fee.  This helps to cover the cost of the awards, registration and housing for the St. Louis trip in December, and with anything left over we would like to help regional team members from Wisconsin get to the national tournament (at NYC in Louisville, KY, this year) and/or invest in equipment for QuizMachine.

In the past, I have collected this at each quiz.  However, sometimes I or others would forget, not to mention it takes up some of our time at the quiz, so I would like to improve this process for everyone.  The option I am introducing this year is for you to pay for the entire year up front.  Since district finals is covered in the registration for District Celebrate Life, that leaves 5 quizzes to pay for, or a total of $25.  Of course, I would like to encourage this as much as possible, so if you pay for all 5 quizzes up front, I will give one quiz free.  This means you only need to pay $20 per quizzer if you do it at the September quiz.

Two caveats:

  • The $20 would be non-refundable.  If a quizzer comes to fewer than 4 quizzes, then he/she will have overpaid.  This is to encourage all the quizzers to stick with it through the entire year.
  • If you do not pay the $20 at the September quiz, the one-quiz-free offer will no longer apply.

Questions?  E-mail, call, or we'll talk on 9/11.

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