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Coaches / PlanningResourceDescriptionFree?
Printable Quiz Schedule High-level schedule of all quizzes throughout the year. This is included in the handbook from District NYI Convention. Yes
Weekly Schedule Detailed week-by-week schedule. This is what Stephen uses for CrossPoint--feel free to adjust for your church. Yes
Photo Release Form All quizzers need to have this filled out and signed by a parent/guardian in order for us to be able to post pictures/videos of them from the quizzes. It should be submitted to Stephen at the first quiz they attend. Yes
YouthQuiz Your primary source of Nazarene materials. In particular, you'll want to be familiar with the lists of resources on these pages: Feel free to ask Stephen about anything on this site. Some
WBQA Stephen used to order Scripture portions from here because they are smaller/easier to carry than the Nazarene portions. WBQA also used to be significantly cheaper, but now they are about the same (at least when ordered in bulk). They also have large-print Scripture portions for those who would benefit from that.

Unfortunately, WBQA switched to ESV, so we cannot currently use their portions.
Set Maker Every church should register one account to generate questions for practice. The criteria for generating sets is very flexible, and these are the official Nazarene questions. Stephen generates the sets for district quizzes from here (albeit with a district-level license that includes more questions). Some quizzers may like to have their own license as well so they can generate their own sets for practicing at home.

Note: This is included in the "Coach's Kit for Romans and James" that is available from YouthQuiz, so you don't need to pay for this separately if you get the kit (a coupon code will come with the kit that you will then enter when you register for Set Maker).
QuizStuff QuizStuff is where you can buy all of the electronic equipment/software:
  • Jump seats
  • Laptop computers
  • Interface boxes (to connect the seats with the computer)
  • QuizMachine (the Quizzing software)
Game Ideas for Practices Some game ideas presented by a couple coaches from the east coast. Unfortunately for most of our teams, the majority of these require a fairly large number of quizzers. Yes
Teaching Study Methods A PowerPoint from Q2012 on various methods of studying. Yes
Quizzers / StudyingResourceDescriptionFree?
Memory Verse List Two spreadsheets of memory verses:
  • "Reference" sheet: the list of memory verses in the order they appear in Scripture.
  • "Prejump" sheet: the list of memory verses in alphabetical order.
Both have the first word or first few words that make the memory verse unique. The idea is that someone who learns all the memory verses would only need those few words to know exactly which verse it is. Many quizzers will mark these in their Scripture portions.
Memory Verse Flash Cards Flash cards for learning/reviewing memory verses. We usually prepare these by District NYI Convention to hand out to anyone who wants a set. Contact Stephen to see if he has any available. Yes
Unique Word List Two spreadsheets of words that are used only once in the entire book, though you may only find the "Chronological" sheet useful. Many quizzers will highlight all of these words in their Scripture portions. That way, as they study, these words stand out to them and it helps with remembering the material when they hear the words used in questions. Yes
JingleSeeds A couple people on the ENC region create a CD of all the memory verses put to song. A couple samples are available on the website. By turning verses into songs, some people find them easier to memorize. No
Acme QuizMaster Acme offers other products, but we would encourage you to get almost everything else from YouthQuiz (see "Coaches / Planning" section above). However, QuizMaster has no equivalent among Nazarene products and may be a really fun way for teens to study/practice on their own. Watch the tutorials (bottom of their main page) to see what it is capable of, and also note that you can try it for 10 days for free after downloading. No
Zondervan Dramatized Acts Audio on YouTube Just Acts from the Zondervan CDs linked below, so this is a great free option. Yes
Acme Audio CD

Zondervan New Testament CD

Zondervan Full Bible CD
Several options for audio CDs of the material since YouthQuiz does not have it this year. No
Scripture Typer A website to help with memorization by typing the verse(s) you choose. It starts with all words visible to help learn it, then removes every other word when you are ready, and then removes everything. It requires you to type the verses letter-for-letter, so spelling is important, but it gives you immediate visual cues when you've typed something incorrectly. To get started:
  • Click Sign Up and create an account.
  • A statistics bar will appear at the bottom of the page. Click the "Statistics" box to edit your profile and update your settings as desired. At the very least, make sure you enter your name (you can check the box to not display your last name).
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page and navigate to Memory Groups > Bible Quizzing
  • Scroll through the list of Bible Quizzing Groups and find "WI NYI". Click that, and then click the "Join" button on the WI NYI page to become part of the group.
  • Navigate to Scripture Typer > Preferences and select the options you want there. You most likely want "Punctuation" to be set to "Keep Going if I Miss it" (otherwise, it will require exact punctuation and capitalization in addition to exact spelling).
  • Explore the rest of the site to learn how it works.
  • You may want to have a collection of the memory verses for the year, but you'll need to create your own.
  • You would also need to create your own collection if you want one with every single verse from this year's material.
Note that they have an iPhone/iPad app, but it costs $5.99.
Memory Verses on Quizlet Quizlet is a website where you can create flash cards for anything and play games with them. Someone would need to create the cards for Romans and James (this link is to the Matthew set). Quizlet also has an iPhone app and you can allegedly access these flash cards with that. Yes
Study Methods A PowerPoint from Q2012 on various methods of studying. Same as the one in the "Coaches / Planning" section above. Yes