District Finals @ Wausau - March 17

Posted 11 Mar, 2018 07:27 PM by Stephen

  • Location is Wausau.
  • Arrive by 9:30am.
  • Material is 1 Corinthians 1 - 2 Corinthians 13 (all chapters).
  • New quizzers need a photo release form.
  • Register your team(s) after you sign up/log in.
  • Register any memory verse awards (cupcakes!):
  • Lunch will be a beef and chicken taco bar at the church. An offering will be taken for it, and free for anyone who might not be able to afford it.
  • T-shirts have arrived and will be handed out at the quiz. Bring/send $18, and make checks payable to Daniel Hintz.
  • Encourage your quizzers to reflect on how 1 and 2 Corinthians have impacted their lives this year and prepare to share some of those thoughts. Adults too.
  • We will be selecting the district team for Celebrate Life. We will only have one team, but we will take at least six quizzers. Depending on other activities those quizzers are involved in, we may add a seventh. If your quizzers might possibly make the district team, please come prepared with their availability for practices.
  • Sign up for District Celebrate Life (March 24). All quizzers (except those in sixth grade) need to register since District Finals are part of Celebrate Life.
  • The top 5 will also form the district team for Q2018.
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