Memory Verses

Posted 11 Sep, 2011 08:41 PM by Stephen

This is the same process as last year...

At each quiz this year, I would like to award a certificate to any quizzers who complete any section of memory verses.  By "section" I mean all the memory verses for the new chapters covered in each quiz.  So for the September quiz, anyone who completes all the memory verses for Hebrews 1-3 will receive a certificate.  For October, the new chapters are Hebrews 4-6, so there would be a certificate for that.  However, if someone didn't do the first section by the September quiz but they memorize Hebrews 1-3 by October, we would still give them a certificate for that section at that quiz.  Sections do not have to be completed in order.  So, basically, a quizzer would get a certificate at any quiz for any section they complete.

Coaches will be responsible for verifying that the quizzer has completed the memory work.  The expectation is that each quizzer who would like to be recognized will say all the memory work to his/her coach, and then the coach will let me know what sections have been completed and by whom.

In order to tell me about quizzers who have completed the memory work, we will use the registration functionality on this site.  There is an "event" on the Schedule page for each section of memory verses.  When a quizzer has completed a given section, the coach should go to that event, select "Register," and register the quizzer.  I will then review these registrations prior to each quiz and prepare the new awards.  The quizzers will also be recognized on the page for the current year statistics in the "Memory Verses" section.

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District Finals @ Tomah - March 26

Posted 22 Mar, 2011 12:07 AM by Stephen

The final district quiz of the year is here! District Finals is this Saturday at Tomah. Here's what you need to know:

  • Material is all of John (1-21).
  • Contrary to my initial e-mail, we will start at the normal 10:00am time.
  • Snacks will be provided at 9:15-9:45 in the morning before we start--doughnuts, coffee, and juice.
  • We will be going out for lunch.
  • Everyone should have registered for District Celebrate Life because District Finals is technically part of that.  Even if you didn't, still come to Finals because we won't turn you away.  Whether you registered for DCL or not, we do still need everyone to register here on this site so we have the appropriate counts and can create the QuizMachine files.
  • Last chance for memory verse awards! Register for those as well.
  • We will be selecting the district team(s) to represent us at Olivet for Regional Celebrate Life in May.  Per the discussion at the last quiz, the plan is to take two teams as long as we have enough interest.
  • Scholarships for Olivet will go to the top 3 quizzers and will be matched by Olivet (scholarships will be awarded at District Assembly):
    • $500 for first place
    • $250 for second place
    • $125 for third place
  • Some GPS units have trouble with the "County Highway ET" address, so it may be better to consider it as East Veterans Avenue, about half a mile east of the VA facility.
  • I have the t-shirts!  For those who signed up for one, bring $9 with you.
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Quiz @ Green Bay - February 12

Posted 09 Feb, 2011 07:53 AM by Stephen

The next quiz is this Saturday, February 12, at Green Bay.  Important notes:

  • Material is John 1-17
  • Lunch will be sloppy joes for $3 per person.
  • Register for both the quiz and any memory verse sections that have been completed
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Sterling Invitational

Posted 01 Jan, 2011 09:29 PM by Stephen

Registration for the Sterling Invitational is now open.  Deadline for registration is February 6 (or when all available spots are filled--whichever comes first).

Why pretty much everyone should try to go:

  • It's a really fun tournament
  • It's not a long drive (Sterling is in NW Illinois, just off I-88 about an hour and a half straight south of Monroe, WI)
  • There are experienced and novice divisions
  • I plan our district schedule so we are on pace to be through the right material for this tournament

For more details and to register, see the Sterling website.

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